In general, before importing a DXF, carry out the following in a DXF editing software:

  • ensure only modelspace has information, all paperspace sheets are deleted
  • drawing is purged of all unused elements

  • Error occurs when importing 3D terrain data
Power Lines Pro currently supports 3D terrain import from a DXF files containing contour lines. The contour lines should be specified as polylines, with each polyline having a  constant z-value (height). If your terrain data is in another format, such as points it will not be imported.

  • My DXF contains contours, but the terrain is flat when it's imported.
  1. Check in your DXF editor whether contour polylines contain any Z information (height). Not all contour lines are 3D polylines and hence will not be converted to 3D terrain when imported in Power Lines Pro.
  2. Check that your DXF contains valid contour lines. e.g. contour lines cannot overlap.

  • My imported terrain looks wrong, it is very jagged. 

Ensure terrain layers have valid height data. Some contour layers can have elevation property of zero for all the lines in that layer. Similarly, some contour layers can have a z value of zero for all the lines in that layer. These types of layers are not valid and will cause importing errors when imported with other valid terrain data.

  • My DXF does not load or is taking a very long time loading.

Try to keep DXF files under 50mb. Purge unused layers and blocks, and delete any unnecessary information.

  • Nothing appears to be loaded after the Import DXF is applied

Check that your view-able work space is not empty. The DXF information may be outside your current work space.

When you see that the DXF is loaded in the preview window, but nothing shows up in the model, this is because the model loads the center of your DXF.

Check the scale of your DXF, ensure it is 1m to 1 drawing unit.

  • Poles are not imported

Only block elements can be imported. Ensure poles to be imported is a block.