Stay editor can be accessed via:


The stay editor is only shown if exactly one stay is ticked. It is there purely as a convenience to allow some stay properties to be edited within the tip load section when assessing tip load capacity of poles. 


Stays can also be edited directly by clicking on them in the workspace.


(4) Stay Cable Type + Stay Type

Stay cable type and style type can be changed here.

Stay Types:

  • Side Walk Stay
  • Ground Stay (default)

Figure 1 - Side Walk Stay


Figure 2 - Ground Stay

(5) Distance from Top

Stay's attachment distance from pole top.

(6) Offset Distance

Distance between pole at ground and stay at ground.

(7) Bearing

The angle of the stay at ground to north, relative to the pole.

Figure 3 - Bearing angle

(8) Attach Height

Stay's attachment distance from ground.


(9) Top Angle

Angle between stay and pole.