Blowout Calculation

Blowout angle and horizontal distance is calculated as follows:


P = wind pressure (Pa)

d = conductor diameter (m)

w = distributed conductor weight (N/m)

S = conductor sag (m)

Blowout Display

There are three modes of blowout display

  • Plan view
  • Perspective view
  • Numeric display

Site Plan View

Horizontal blowout is automatically shown in Plan View.  Plan view blowout display supports asymmetrical conductor attachments and is exportable to DXF format.

Where there are multiple spans between 2 poles, the span with the largest blowout will have the most visible blowout area shown.

The blowout area displayed will depend on the width of the construction and the placement of conductors within that construction, e.g. cross arm widths where applicable. 

Perspective View

3D blowout can be shown when Conductor Clearance tool is selected. Blowout will be modeled for all enabled environments where wind pressure is >0Pa. 

Numeric Display

Numerical blowout values are shown when a conductor group is selected. 

The maximum horizontal blowout and angle for each span is shown in the spans tab. 

Select environments in dropdown menu to see blowout values for various environments. 

See Conductor - Spans Properties