The right hand information panel will display conductor information shown once a conductor has been selected. This information will only be shown when one conductor group is selected.

(1) Tool in Use

This will display the tool currently selected in work space. 

(2) Selection

Current selected conductor name is shown. Conductor name can be edited here.

(3) Conductor Type

Conductor type of current selected conductor

(4) Number of Conductors

Total number of conductors in the conductor run. Typically 3 for 11kV and 4 for low voltage. 

(5) Ruling Span (m)

The ruling span is calculated with the below formula:


Ii =    the chord length between the supports of span i 

Li = the horizontal span length of span i

hi = the support height of different of span i

n = the number of spans in the section between strain structures

(6) % CBL (%Cable Break Load)

The conductor tension load as a percentage of the total cable break load

(7) Conductor Tension (kN)

%CBL multiplied by the ultimate cable break load.

(8) Initial Conductor Temperature (°C )

This is the initial or reference conductor temperature, conductor tensions at all other temperatures are derived from this reference temperature.

For a new conductor this is the initial stringing temperature defined by the user. 

For an existing conductor, this is the measured conductor temperature.

The following equation is used to determine the tension changes due to temperature change:



Hf = final horizontal component of conductor tension T (N)

Hi = Initial horizontal component of conductor tension T (N)

E = modulus of elasticity of the load bearing material (MPa)

A = total conductor cross-sectional area (mm2)

Wi = Initial resultant or inclined distributed conductor load (N/m)

Lr = equivalent or ruling span of a section (m)

α = coefficient of linear expansion (°C)

tf = final temperature (°C)

ti = initial temperature (°C)

Note: This is a parabola estimate. In practice the tension change results between catenary and parabola are negligible.

Note: Creep strain (εεi) = 0 

(9) Conductor Tension in Environments

This will display the conductor tensions in all the environments.