Neara Designer is capable of performing voltage drop calculations for underground designs. Voltage drop calculations take into account the following parameters: 

  • Voltage of substation
  • Impedance of cable
  • ADMD of load 
  • Power factor of load(only for statistical method)
  • Standard deviation of load (only for statistical method)

Currently, two methods of calculating voltage drop are available: simple and statistical.

  • Simple voltage drop is calculated through a combination of ADMD loads and pre-defined diversity factors. A worked example can be found in Annexure B of NS110. This method is only valid for radial networks and cannot be used to analyze networks containing loops or rings. 

  • Statistical voltage drop is calculated according to the method described in the paper: A Statistical Method for Analysing L.V. Distribution Networks by Kent A. Gosden.

How to change Voltage Drop Method 

  1. Left-click on the Project tab
  2. Select Design Settings 
  3. Change Voltage Drop Mode

How to access voltage drop

  1. Open the Report Manager 
  2. Add new Custom Report
  3. Select datasource for custom report as Pillars
  4. Rename report as required
  5. Scroll to the far right of report to view voltage drop result

6. Optionally, reports can be added as tabs for easier viewing by clicking on the + button and selecting the voltage drop report

7. Additionally, the results can be visualized on the design using the eye icon.