This will go over how to add custom formulae to reports so that you are able to analyze all aspects of your design such as:

  • Custom length check of conductor spans
  • Variable clearance checking
  • Vegetation reports and more

Custom formulae can be used for:

  • Comparison of values
  • Adding specific values to columns 
  • Creating a new property of an object such as a pole or conductor 

In this example, we will go over how to make a custom clearance height check for our design:

  1. Add the report manager to your view by using the '+' and adding its tab, from here create a new custom report based on spans within the design -> click here for a tutorial on custom reporting 
  2. Add the ground clearance column and create a new column called "Required Clearance," this is where we will add our clearance line 
  3. We finally create our "Clearance Check" column as follows  What this does is compare the actual ground clearance of the conductor (the values within the "Ground Clearance" column) with the "Required Clearance" column we created earlier to check whether or not our clearance is sufficient. If this is violated, it will write "Clearance insufficient" both in the corresponding row as well as on the conductor span itself.
  4. If you don't want to create the additional row for required clearance, this can be replaced with a numerical value instead - note that this must be multiplied by the correct unit (in this case metres) to prevent any errors. For example:
if(ground_clearance < 5.8 * unit("m"), "Clearance Insufficient")
Once this has been done, you will see "Clearance Insufficient" in both the report and the profile view of the design for all conductor spans that violate this clearance

Note: in order for this to be visualised on the design, the two eye's must be enabled as shown above.

All currently provided fields, functions and collections can be found by clicking on the 'Show Documentation' button underneath the formula box and this will provide a brief guide on how to use them.