Single stays on a pole can be done with static analysis, that is by adding the stay and assessing the impact of it via the properties pane (see here)

The accurate analysis of multiple stays must be done using FEA and this is done as follows:

  1. Select the pole(s) you want to simulate
  2. Open the FEA menu - to add this tab, press the '+' sign next to any open tab and choose FEA
  3. Scroll down to 'Summary Reports' and ensure that the Simulation type is set to be either PI From Network or Individual with RS
  4. Click sim next to the environment you want to simulate
  5. View analysis results from the summary report 


To view the analysis report after a simulation has been done, click on the textbox next to 'Poles' in the Summary Reports section and choose the desired pole to be analyzed - this will open up the report itself.

Once this report has been selected it will open up a table of all objects that were analyzed by the analysis

From here, any necessary adjustments can be made to ensure the pole is within loading limits.