To reach this:

  • Click on the desired conductor span 
  • Then click on the spans tab in the properties pane

The right hand information pane will display conductor information once a conductor span has been selected (shown in both the profile and perspective panes as highlighted green)

(1) Select Environment

Select from available environments for sag and blowout details in that environment

(2) Span information

List of all the spans within a selected conductor group, the spans are denoted by the pole labels for each end

(3) Span length

Span length is shown and editable here - editing this will move the location of a pole to accomodate the new change

(4) Sag detail

Sag detail of selected environments is shown here, for calculation details see Sag-Tension Calculation 

(5) Blowout detail

Horizontal blowout detail of selected environment is shown here. For calculation details see Blowout Calculation 

(6) Horizontal departure

Detail of how far conductor moves from center point

(7) Span clashes

Select from available environments for span clash details in those environments 

(8) Span clash table

Tabulated form of conductors, labelling yes or no for clashes occurring.