The Library menu item allows you to view or adjust poles, conductors, constructions, components, soil layers and stock items. With the exception of stock items, all of these come pre populated so that you can begin designing without having to import anything. However, should you need specific items to be imported or exported that can be done very easily by clicking the library you want to adjust and then clicking the relative button.

Poles and Conductor libraries

Shown below is the default pole library:

Importing or exporting is done with .csv files so that libraries can be easily updated and used across multiple projects.


This allows the pole constructions to be modified, as with other library options this allows new constructions to be imported from a .csv file and existing ones to exported to a .csv. All aspects of a construction are able to be fine tuned by clicking on the relevant feature and adjusting as required. 


Similarly to constructions, aspects of different elements can be modified to both change the physical size and adjust different force tolerances to change how finite element analysis is calculated.

Soil layers library

Shown above is the soil layers library, which shows the different types of layers that can be used. Left clicking on the edit button brings up a menu that allows you to modify the layer in more detail, for example the clay layer can be edited in the above way.

Creating custom components and constructions

To create our constructions we first need to create the components that form our pole top construction.

  1. Select Library
  2. Select Components

To make our component we first have to find a component that reflects the type of component that we are trying to model. For example, if we are trying to make a post insulator we need to find an existing generic post insulator.

  1. Search up the construction type in the search bar, for example ("Post Insulator")
  2. Select make a copy (at the bottom right)
  3. Rename the copy and press OK
  4. Enter in your design specs into the available fields and select save

Once you have modelled all your components you can then go ahead and fit them together in the construction builder.

  1. Select Library
  2. Select Constructions

To make our pole top constructions we first have to find a construction that uses the same number of cables we are trying to model with our new construction.

For this example, I want to model a 3 wire vertical construction.

  1. Search up 3 wire vertical to bring up similar construction
  2. Click on alike constructions and check the configuration by observing the preview
  3. Select Make a Copy, Rename the construction and click ok

Once you have made a copy and as you scroll down you will see that we can add crossarms and change the type of insulators being used.

Adding Crossarms:

  1. Select "Add New Crossarm"
  2. Select the type of beam to use
  3. Enter in the horizontal/vertical offsets
  4. Select the type of brace to attach
  5. Define the attach offset

Fitting Insulators:

  1. Select the dropdown "Usage type" to define your insulators as termination or through unstrained
  2. Select the type of insulators to be used
  3. Attach it to the respective crossarms or pole
  4. Define its offset and angle of rotation

Click save to save your construction made.