Once you have successfully logged in and selected a model to begin with, you will be taken to the main application. This layout is composed of a menu across the top, toolbar on the left, up to three design views in the middle, and a sidebar on the right. These parts are labelled in the image below.

Each of the the design views show your design from a different perspective. The Perspective View shows your design in a 3D manner. The Profile View shows a single unrolled slice of poles and conductors. The Properties Panel allows you to modify what other features you see, such as adding Map or Plan views or different reports and tools. The Map view provides an overlay of your project onto its specific location in Google Maps and the Plan view provides a top-down perspective.

In each of these views you can pan the camera around by middle-clicking and dragging. In the Perspective View you can also rotate the camera by right-clicking and dragging. 

The typical workflow is as follows:

  • select the desired tool from the toolbar,
  • use the tool to edit or inspect the design in one of the design views,
  • edit specific properties (eg: conductor tension) of conductors, poles, etc, in the sidebar.

Additional features

For more information on the different features of  the application, follow the links below:

  • Tools
  • Environmental conditions
  • Libraries