Power Lines Pro provides designers with strong integrated design software that covers everything from scoping to project submission. Our suite of design and management tools empower all styles of workflows for distribution and transmission projects.

Signing up and beginning a project

  1. Go to www.powerlinespro.com, click 'Try for Free' and enter in your details
  2. Once inside the application, your account settings can be edited:
    1. Click on your username in the bottom left and you will see the following window pop up showing your name and version. Then click on 'Account settings'
    2. Clicking on account settings will provide you with an interactive form that can be used to change account information
  3. On the home screen you will see a section titled 'Start' with different files for you to play around with. Click on 'Preset 1' which will load an empty canvas and allow you to test out different features/start modelling.
  4. A video explanation of this can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT9X50oLxMo