Cloud Design means that users can access their design from any device, whether you are working from home or at the office, you do not need to worry about having to download and carry the file with you. The Version History feature allows users to collaborate and communicate design changes easily by adding in notes and tagging details such as the user name, date, and reason, and the date the change was made. This also allows users to track what progress has been made on the design and revert back to the older version if required.

Click on this youtube link to watch the tutorial:

Cloud Collaboration Guide:

Within the Project menu, you will see there are options related to cloud collaboration, these include: “Version History”, “Add Notes to this Version” and “Share”.

Sharing a project via the cloud is as easy as clicking the "Share" menu option, this will open up the below pop-up. From here you are able to easily share with people both inside and outside of your organization so that the design can be edited by other people. If you don't wish to allow people to edit, use the Share a public snapshot link instead.

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Opening a shared link is as simple as clicking on the URL or pasting it into your search bar and you will see a view similar to below. 

  • Taking ownership will allow you to make changes to the design, these will then be reflected in the design seen by the original sharer of the link and anyone else that has it.
  • Reloading the design will load in new changes that may have been made elsewhere.
  • Make a copy will create a local copy on your account which can be edited without affecting other versions. 

Version history

Once the design has been opened, users can view the version history by going Project > Version History. Here, you will be able to see all users who have made changes and any notes that have been added to their version, as well as reverting to current versions by clicking on the date of the version they desire in the Version column. All changes to the design will be recorded in the Version History alongside the name of the editor and any notes they have added.

Users are able to add notes by clicking on the 'Add note to this version' option in the Project menu, this will then be reflected in the Version History as shown above.

Restoring an old version will present you with the following view, note this can be utilized whether or not the design you are viewing has been shared:

  • Return to latest version will load the last saved version of this design.
  • Make a copy will make a copy of the currently being viewed version of the design.
  • Restore this version will revert the whole design back to the version currently being viewed.

Loading a design

When you first log on to the app you will see your most recently accessed designs on the home page. However, to see all of your designs or designs from other members of your organization, click on the projects tab on the left side of your page. This will bring up a full list of your designs as well as depicting where they are on the map. To view designs from other members of your organization that haven't been marked as discoverable, tick the 'include undiscoverable designs from other users' checkbox.

Alternatively, designs can be loaded by viewing them on the map and then lift clicking the highlighted area to open up the model for that design.

Deleting/archiving designs

To the left of the name column, there is a checkbox next to each design. Ticking this will bring up the option to delete or archive a single design or multiple designs.