Collaboration on the Cloud

Cloud Design means that users can access their design from any device, whether you are working from home or at the office, you do not need to worry about having to download and carry the file with you. The Version History feature allows users to collaborate and communicate design changes easily by adding in notes and tagging details such as the user name, date and reason and the date the change was made. This also allows users to track what progress has been made on the design and revert back to the older version if required.

Click on this youtube link to watch the tutorial:

Cloud Collaboration Guide:

Cloud Design users will notice that there are additional menu options under the file menu and a change in the URL of the website to include the Design ID. Additional menu options include “Open From Cloud”, “Version History”, “Add Notes to this Version” and “Share”.


When a user first logs in or select File>Open From Cloud they will see the below pop-up.


Users can either choose to “Create a new design” or select an existing design from the table.

Note that a user can also select File > New which will create a new cloud design.

If a new design is created, the user will be prompted to select from their templates.


Version History in PLP:

Once the design is opened users can go to the Version history from the top menu File> Version History


A user can select File> Add Notes to this Version and add a new note/s to the current version in order to track what progress has been made on the design.


This will now appear in the version history with the username and the time/date this was edited.


When a new edit occurs, there will be a new entry in the version history with the latest changes made showing what notes the user made.

Using a Previous Version

In Version History pop up, select and open the previous version of a design.

The user will be prompted by a warning with two options.


If a user chooses “go back to the latest version”, they will be redirected back to the latest version in the version history.

If the user needs to see this past design they can “take further action”. Then the dialogue box below comes up with 2 new options.


The user can now create a new design from this starting point or restore the design to the previous version. Restoring the version will erase later versions of the design.

Delete/Archive designs

If a user wishes to delete or archive a design, this is done when you go to File>Open from cloud menu. Archiving a design means will remove these designs from your default view in the open dialogue and will disable any further modification of their content

Open design from the map view

Users will be able to view all their different design files on the map and double click on the highlighted design areas to open up its respective file. Alternatively, the search bar can also be used at the top of the google map interface to be directed to a specific location.

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