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How do i model plant such as a street light - which is mounted on SL bracket

Hi there,

Im not sure if this has been answered . In regards to accounting for pole forces due to plant mounted equipment on poles, specifically a street light mounted on a street light bracket how can this be done? 

ive played around and i have issues setting and adjusting  the "H Offset" parameter in order to position the plant off the pole. i find that i have to adjust the plant area (make it excessively large) before i can adjust the H offset, and then adjust the plant area. is this the right way to go about it?

Also can you model plant that is not just cylindrical. a rectangular prism for example?

*. im trying to model a street light which is mounted on a 4.5m bracket (so 4.5m off the pole)

* Sail area = square = 0.3m2

* mass = 18kg


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Hi Spiro

Here is an example design with street lights:

A few things to note:

  • the street lights have been modelled using the “non structural components” feature.  “non structural” simply means that the component elements can be placed arbitrarily without worrying about where they attach.  Wind & Mass still apply forces and moments to the structure - PLP will automatically pick an appropriate location on the structure to apply them.
  • It is possible to model arbitrary shapes, as can be seen with the street lights.
  • In order to guide the street lights with a default alignment, for convenience, there is still a dummy conductor modelled as part of the assembly.  It is attached to a very long fake post insulator that runs it under ground so it’s out of sight.  Doing it this way is optional, you could also run the SL cable itself at its actual height. To extend the street lights just use the conductor tool, click on the fake guide conductor, and extend.
  • You can still individually rotate the constructions on a per-pole basis, but by default they will align perpendicular to the guide, which is convenient.
  • You can use a trivial-mass-trivial-size conductor as the guide, so it doesn’t affect the model in other ways.
  • We will soon release a feature allowing these to be placed without a guide conductor, if you so choose


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