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Dealing with P1,P2,P3 Endeavour Standards.

There are two options when doing Endeavour designs.  

If doing work according to AS 7000 (Limit State), then load factors and strength factors should be used as per the standards, which are also detailed in MDI0031.  For wood poles, these would be 0.17 (serviceability) and 0.4 (strength). These have been set in the Strength States table as shown in screenshot 1.

The other way would be to use the old working strength method, which has those P1/2/3 strengths, and no load factors.  For those, the strength factors are 0.15 (long duration) and 0.25 (short duration).  These have been set in the strength state table as shown in screenshot.

The only subtlety is the difference between P1 and P2/P3, P1 also subtracts the pole self-wind-load from the strength, but we can equivalently add that load to the forces on the pole.  So, for P1 we would account for wind on pole ("M+W"), and for P2 and P3 we would not account for wind on pole ("M"). These have been clarified under the pole column in "Account for".

I have attached an example blank model file that contains environments set up both for AS7000 (limit state) and the P1/2/3 (working strength) methods.  You can copy the environments that you’d like to use in your model.

Please note:

- The load factors (1.0 in all cases for WS, various values for LS)

- In the WS method, we have turned off "account for wind on pole" for the P2/3 cases, but left it on for P1.

- Set up the strength factors as appropriate, underneath the environments list

- The strength factors used for each environment (be sure to select serviceability vs strength, or vs short duration / long duration)

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