Welcome to the new Power Lines Pro forum!

Welcome to the forum for Power Lines Pro!

I'm Dan and I'm the founder and lead software developer of PLP and we're establishing this forum as a place where we can inform and interact with our community of customers to help improve their experience using Power Lines Pro.

Here you can:

- View and discuss the release notes for new updates and features

- Ask for help on any questions/problems that you have

- Give feedback and vote on what new features you want from the team

- Report any issues or bugs you come across

Our Mod team will be replying to any questions that are posted here and trying our best to help solve any problems so feel free to post into the discussion topics.

But we also encourage you to help eachother. So if you have encountered these issues before and want to share solutions, please do!

- Dan


There's an update to the plan DXF export up on https://latest.powerlinespro.com/powerapp?nz&ce.

Pole & Conductor notes will show up in the export, as well as asset status. Let us know any feedback you have on it.



The update will automatically be the default version once rolled out you wont have to do anything

How will I know  when to change my web address to the newer versions when they are released?

Hey Jed, thanks for that, its a known issue that will be resolved by the end of the week with an update.

Thanks for the feedback on the other aspects as well, our dev team is currently working on improvements on those functions for future updates.


Hi Jed,

What version url of the software are you currently using? 


My wish list and nuggets of wisdom


I would like to see the report function customizable so that you can choose what your data will be in your report.

at current the csv export function screws up the formatting and does not include pole notes.


Its nice designing in 3d but it would be great if there was a way to share those images with the line crews. The DXF plans are a bit average.

Also why doe my arrangements look like static?


Google Images.

Why are the images not as high resolution as the one on google earth?. When will we be able to use esri data base images.

The resolution as a whole could be improved

Coordinate system interface

I always struggle with this part of the software. It could be made a lot more intuitive.

Online Tutorials

They need updating.

Hey Kent,

Please post any Help/Feature requests in the relevant categories in future so that other people can see the answers when looking, thanks :)

With regards to your question, you should be able to export to a spreadsheet currently and in our next update which will be releasing soon there is a feature which allows custom formulas which you can use to specify the necessary conductor tensions.



Customer Success

A couple of wishes for helping us work with our local distributors:

It would be good to be able to export to a spreadsheet.  We have to provide data to Ergon in CATAN format, so have to convert the DXF to a spreadsheet.

It would be good to specify conductor tensions using Energex stringing tables on Energex jobs.  Stringing table = 10^6 x Sag /(Span^2)

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